Looking Up

There is no done for people who love to create. There is done for now, but not done.  Disney wasn’t done when he passed away. His next move was trains. He was becoming obsessed with them. I am sure he would have created a train ride that everyone would want to go on. There is always something else to create. To put out into the world. Leading works that way. Leadership can be so momentary for creatives though.  They may blaze a new trail and that is all they have in them.  They might not have the capacity to take their art to the next level. Someone else picks up the mantel and moves the art to the next level.  The same thing happens in business. Certain founders could take the business to a certain level and then they have to hand their baby off because they cannot go further with it.

The ceilings we have are based on our ability to adapt, envision, and inspire action. Some of take action with the ability to see just enough in the future to win.  Others see further and take action, hoping that all goes according to their plans. Then there are those who react to what is happening now. They each look up and must determine if the ceiling is made of glass or if it truly is going to limit them.

A lot of people have the determined future of reacting. Their ceiling is only eight feet high and they can’t see the sky.  They look out windows and know that dreams are in reach for other people and they settle without a fight to make their lives something memorable. Play bigger. Be useful. Love your customers, fans, and patrons.