The Path Gets Narrow

We make decisions and commit.  Okay, we make decisions and then we must commit.  Lead Utah will be making a decision. It is going to focus on creativity.  Why you might ask? Because creativity is based on the future, it is based on stepping out in front, it is rooted in leading and spreading ideas, it cannibalizes the other two themes.

What that means is that posts are going to be focusing on creativity. Why? Because Utah needs it.  I need it. Creativity is what brings the fictional idea of an unrealistic future to life. Everyone is creative and each flourish in different ways. But I do believe that it is the key for us to live the lives we want, run the businesses we want, and have the kind of future we want.  In a nut shell it is the key for us to achieve our goals. It precedes action and is what sets us apart from others.

Creativity has nothing to do with originality, but with taking the whole of everything and putting them to the uses we want.  This is still one small change in the ever evolving use of Lead Utah. We have only just begun. As the path narrows I believe it will broaden as creativity does when it interacts with the world and ideas.