Know Your Goals

What do your efforts produce?  Or a better question what will your efforts produce over time?  Lest’s push it a little further, how do you know that your effort will produce the results you want?

That my friend, is goal setting.

Every bell, and whistle we add to make the process more ours is just that.  There are so many books on the subject. But they all come down to what effort you are going to put in and how long it will take for you to get there. With that being said, what is the point of a deadline?  For most it is a way to work backwards with planning and a way to set up an external motivator. It is the hypothetical answer to the second question above.

Every answer until actually accomplished is hypothetical. That is what gives us the ability to set goals. When you are looking at the work ahead, know yourself and know how hard you want to work. Some people plan to burn themselves out working and they do, but in a shorter and less glorious way than they think; not producing the results they want.  Some goals are a street fight and others are an ultra marathon, know yours and know yourself.