Be You And Make Art

We all have our own style of doing things. We have our own way of being. We can try to fight it, we can rage against it or we can go with it. If we are by nature timid that doesn’t doom us to a life of  boredom. Instead, we must find our way to mouse around. If we are artistic by nature, then we must submit to it.  Our lives are each unique and carry with it their own strengths and weaknesses. It is our responsibility to build around our strengths. If we work better alone then that is what we must do, but if we work better with others then we better join the herd. Your life and work go hand and hand with what you are known for. I am not talking about what you get paid to do. If you are an artist and never see a dime. You are still an artist. If you don’t believe me, think about Vincent Van Gogh.

If your passion is actually being a coach and you volunteer as a youth coach, that is your true work. At some point in time we all have the opportunity to do what we love. For some it must remain a passion project for others, they get to do it for a living.  We each have our fate to fight for.  We are each given a box of toys, crayons, and ideas it is up to us to share and play with the world.