Focus is an old acronym.  It is simple, follow one course until success.  That is one way to win at the game of life unless you pick the wrong course.  For many people, mostly authors the American dream of going to school, then getting more schooling, then getting a good job, is no longer a great choice.  It leads to massive debt and a dead end job. But to those who want to be doctors, lawyers, or scientists of sorts, it is one that still leads to success.  Most people returned to college to get an edge on fellow employees in a career that will not make enough income to pay back the loans in a reasonable amount of time, like being a writer or being a teacher. But I digress, to follow one course until success, you must above all commit to the path.  There must not be looking back.  If you choose to teach, then commit to a summer job to pay off the debts, so they don’t bog down your experience of teaching. Success is not money, success is not happiness (parenting for example, isn’t always good times), success is what you decide it is.  If the course is right, it will challenge you to grow. Here is the thing, you set your own course. Don’t shrink back, but commit and boldly do whatever it takes (legally) and lead your life.

Following one course doesn’t mean, follow until it is not fun. It doesn’t mean look for a better way when this one gets boring. It means mastering your craft and success in that endeavor will come.   No excuses.