Build the Right Team


Are you building the right team?  Do you just hire who seems to be the most qualified? Do you check for a cultural connection? Are you good at judging people? Do you actively recruit? Well, in light of it being Saturday and I am feeling playful I have created this acronym for you, when it comes to building, recruiting, and knowing your team.

T- Target: is your team filled with people from your target market? If they are, then they will know the pros and cons of your product. They will also be knowledgeable and hopefully helpful for your customers.  If not, they will have to go through training and will have to put on a false sense of enthusiasm for the customer.

E- Energy: Is your company mellow, laid back, and just ready to serve? Probably not, but if it is you don’t want the sells enthusiast.   You don’t want the guy who can’t sit still in a building.  If you do have a competitive company, you don’t want the laid back dude who only wants to do the least amount of work. You want the employees’ energy to match that of the company’s.

A- Authentic: You might be sitting across from someone during an interview and think, is this guy for real?  It could be a chick, but you get the point.  So, how do you screen for authentic? Go for a walk and talk.  Take them out to lunch at a horrible restaurant. Make a game of interviewing that makes them react to a new situation. It pushes out the script they have memorized.  They must be themselves to act. The reason authenticity matters is that it’s the real person you and your customers are dealing with.

M- Motivated: Everyone has a reason for getting a job; mostly financial. This creates a false motivation during an interview. Do they want to work for your company? Do they just want to work? Are they smart enough to research your company? Are they drifters and will be at your company for six months, leaving a trail of bad vibes in their wake?  A person’s why matters when it comes to work. A family man, a single mom, will go to work and get the job done, will they love it? That is up to you and the kind of company you run? Will they work hard, from my experience even if it isn’t their dream job they sure the hell will.  But there are those who go to work because they actually like the industry.  They want to be a part of it.  Like certain baristas, they love the coffee game. Or salesmen who actually like sales. Or construction workers who love building things. You get the point, internal motivation is better than external.

As you go about this fine Saturday, be on the lookout for your newest employee, you never know when you will strike gold.