There is this beautiful thing that we get as writers.  It is sitting down and expressing what we think about any topic we feel like writing about.  We could sit and write a book on one topic or we could write 150 words and be satisfied. Writing a blog post is not like writing a twitter post. It is not shouting into the crowd and hoping someone for two seconds sees it and presses the heart button. You find value in expressing your opinion and that makes it valid.  It doesn’t need anyone to follow it for it to be less than what it is, an expression of your thoughts. For some, this is one of the hardest things to do. Writing and being brave enough to face trolls and assholes.  Most companies have the weakest blogs, twitter, and any other social media account, because of this fear to write about their business. They either don’t know who should lead the charge or they want an audience before they take the stage.  But writers, bloggers, and those brave souls who take the stage, just believe that what they are doing is worth it; they don’t need the audience. So, play to your expressive strength.