Seasons of Selling


I know you have seen it.  All the Halloween Decorations and costumes. All the candy slowly began shipping last month. It waited, with the decor and costumes. The buying cycle for the Halloween season has begun. The early shoppers are delighted as they look for their costumes.

But then there are those people who are crying out, its not even October! They will also complain that Christmas decor goes up in November; and of course Valentines begins in January. You can be like the stores ready, ready to sell.  Or you can be like the consumer who finds fault instead of opportunity.  No matter what, it is going to feel like we have two months left out of the year. I don’t think we should waste it complaining about decor, but embrace the spirit and season we are in.

The stores know how long it will take them to widdel down their inventory.  They know when customers will begin to shop for these seasonal items. For example; back to school shopping starts in July. The major setback is teachers aren’t in on the sales cycle and you have the last minute store raids.  Parents searching for items on their children’s teachers’ list after school has been in for a week ten at night with barren shelves. Ruins the buying experience.  There will always be last minute shoppers, but it is the early ones we want to get.

Back to our point. It is Fall, that means the weather will cool down, sell a kick ass hoodie, with your logo. Do something to show that you are up for the game of change.  Don’t wait until the competition has taken the lead. Get out there and show your spirit.  If your marketing/ advertising doesn’t embrace the seasons you might look out of touch, have some fun. Don’t get stuck being a me too, put your own spin on the seasons to come and don’t be afraid to look foolish. Side note; just make sure you offer something of value.

Market your business in real time. The benefit of social media and instant connections is you can gauge real time reactions.

Let’s make the most of every day and every season.