The Work Of Lead Utah


Have you explored the blog yet?

I know you have stumbled upon it and you are reading it now. But have you explored the not so catchy headlines. Have you shared a post that gave you an ah ha moment.

Or have you been turned off by the writers (my) voice. That is the beauty of the internet and writing; your audience isn’t everyone. As a writer, you know not everyone will like you or what you write. Not everyone is interested in… And here we are to my topic. Lead Utah, the reason it exists, and what I am going to do about it.

Lead Utah had a twofold reason for existing, the first; to expand my own local base of people I know.  The second was to write about things I like; leadership, creativity, and marketing. A third reason surfaced and that was to enjoy a daily writing practice.

So, every day around this time 4:45am in Utah I get up and write. Once I finish I share it on Facebook and Twitter and then get on with my day.  It is a decent practice and a quick sense of accomplishment, but it is not enough.  Just writing and posting are the minimum amount of work I can do.  There is enough content now not to stop writing, but to write more.   Subjects I briefly touched, ideas just at their start that go deeper, and we are just getting to know each other. If this is a race my head is down and I am watching my feet and the road. Once I get my head up; look out world 😉

There is a lot of work ahead and it will happen daily. Content creation is only 10% of what will make Lead Utah work, the other 90% will be getting out there. What that means is at times I will write posts that have the intention of spreading.  Like the list posts or the how to posts or some other headline type post that gets attention. There will be links to older posts and links to social media pages. My aim isn’t to build traffic, but connections.  Which brings me to a final point; there are no comments on posts. This isn’t my first time writing a blog. Comments work for certain personalities. I would much rather not have a comment thread with “great post” or spam, or “well, I think…” Engage with me on a platform where we are both open, I know who you are and you know who I am. I like social media platforms for that reason. We don’t have to talk here. Anyway, I don’t think it brings the value I want to provide. This is a get in read it keep it or discard it kind of blog. Over time every post will be buried, and it is my job to dig it up and share them. I am getting off topic. Follow Lead Utah on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to interact.

Do not fight the forces; use them. R. Buckminster Fuller