Variety Kills Normality


Coffee, it used to be the morning mud.  It used to be covered up with creamer and too much sugar. It came in a can and smelled pretty good. It wasn’t the endless world of flavor and invention that it is today. This one product exploded over time to become a major industry.

Variety is a hurricane that changes industries and delights consumes. The pencil is another example, there is the regular number #2 pencil. But someone had a better idea and we now have the mechanical pencil. That didn’t last as a solo show for long because that burst into different kinds with different lead sizes. And if you get into art pencils you are in a spider web of diversity. The same goes for computers, cars, restaurants, beer, and schools; the list is endless.

Every industry has a rabbit hole and there are people who stand on the edge of it looking in.  Don’t be like them. Jump into the abyss of your industry and know what is going on.  This knowledge might not make you an industry leader, but you will know what opportunities are out there for you to take advantage of.