Labor Class of Today


Long, long ago on a death star, far, far away.  Some clones worked and labored for the expansion of the empire while trying to crush the rebellion.  Or something like that. Those unethical storm troopers that do whatever they are told, they didn’t have unions, they didn’t have rights. That brings us to this holiday; Labor day. For some, a paid day off for others, over time.

This day is supposed to celebrate the victories of people being people.  People uniting to make sure they get a living wage and are not treated like the clones in Star Wars.  It celebrates the victories of people willing to put their livelihood on the line to band together. Unions in America are on the decline.  So are the people willing to work to death at a dead end job being treated like shit.  Employers of hard work that no one wants to do are facing a new challenge. This upcoming generation has no interest in making a faceless corporation rich.  They will work as hard as they need to and go where the money is. Holding a street sign, swinging a hammer, lifting cases are jobs they settle for.  There is nothing that commits them to work for you.  Oh, wait there is. It’s you.  The boss who cares.  The employer who takes care of their employees. The business that shares the profit so it’s employees can live their dream. It’s treating people like they are more than a machine. But that won’t happen if you generalize a whole generation as lazy, unfocused, and worthless.  Everyone is worried about debt, moving up in life, and feeling alive. Treat employees like you would want to be treated. Labor unions might be going away, but so will knowing what laborers want and the ability to get them to stay.

Even if you own a little shop that sells candies, realize that your business is a part of someones life.  It is either a good stepping stone to their dreams or a dread that they endure until they can do something else to make a living.