The Wall


Just get back to work. That is the answer to the wall. When we miss our mark and feel stuck, just get back to work.  There are moments to sit back and think, those are mountain top moments. Those moments are when you have a mind’s view of the whole landscape of the future.  When the wall is all you can see it is time to keep to your commitment and work.  The wall is that metaphorical monster that is between you and your dreams.  The wall is the resistance that Steven Pressfield talks about in The War of Art. The wall is what feels like a block of creativity.  The wall is between you and your vision.  That is why most books tell you to write down your vision and look at it daily.  They know that if you don’t the wall will rise and the mountain top you seek will be out of sight.

When you see the wall, it is time to work. If you did not write down your vision, then get a spray can and put it on the wall, now. Commit yourself to your dream. Don’t stop to think at the moment the vision gets hard, work until it becomes easy, then stop and think; think bigger, dream bigger, and build on your victories.