Friday Feeling


It’s Friday and for most of the world its a time to party. The end of the week celebration will commence. The grind halts and the pleasure of being alive can begin. All week long people look to the day of rest, they look for the vacation, they look for the break in the monotony.  Friday, the most renowned day of the week, even better than Saturday; why? Because it is a mental relief during the day.  It’s almost over, it’s like a marathon runner and the last mile. It isn’t a sign to give up, but a sign to endure just a little bit longer.

For those of us who want more. Friday isn’t an end. Friday is a part of our dreams, it is either a signal that we have two days to paint, write, or create.  The real work begins on Friday. We engage in our business, our being is ready.  Friday isn’t the end of our work week, it’s the beginning.

So, for the side hustlers out there TGIF. Let the true work begin.