It’s funny when we think of magic we don’t think of work.  I am about to get super nerdy on you, but it is for a good reason. The wizards like Gandolf or Merlin or Harry Potter and his crew, Juts flick spells into the air and there it is magic. A spectacle that took them years to learn and master. That becomes what we awe and wonder about.  To us what they do is magic, to them its work.

To bring this back to our lives, I heard someone in an interview talk about marketing.  They said “Good marketing is consumable.” That puts us, those of us who want to share what we make, in the seat of a wizard.   We have spent time building our skill to make it look easy.  We don’t want the seems to show. We take whatever it is we do and make it look easy. If we create T-shirts, displays, or fix things we show up like Gandolf and knock it out 10x style because we are that good. So, good that it puts others in a state of awe.

The movie industry is my favorite example of this.  Way back, when people were hard up for good entertainment. They would watch the same movie at the movie theater a few times. But over time silent films added sound, then color, then it just became better over the lives of many men and women pushing the envelope. of not only what could be done. Even actresses and actors changed what good acting is. Today’s B-rated movie is better than some blockbuster movies of yesterday. What that means for us in our lives, businesses, and careers is that there is no ceiling. If we are not the best today there is a chance we are beating the best of yesterday.  So, let’s put in the work. Let’s be like Harry Potter and his crew and beat the best out there.  The cost is going to be time and patience, but what you’re buying is magic.