One Player Game


There are mind traps that we build for ourselves.  They put us into situations that are useless or counterproductive. Most of the time that is the easy way out.  Instead of work, or resolve to figure out our problem we do the easy thing.  We let the situations steer our life’s direction. Most of us act like life is a checkers game when it is more like chess. There are many moving parts and each does something different.  Our lives have many different parts and we play them all differently. I do not parent the same way my brother does.  I also do not work the same way my neighbor does. Every action, conversation, and reaction we have will either help us or hinder us.  For some the safe routine of a corporate job is all they need to make a happy and content life.  For others, they couldn’t stay in one place even if they tried.  We must be sure we haven’t built our lives on someone else’s dreams. We must be sure that the routine, we live in is the one we set up not fate. We must be sure we don’t fall into the trap of thinking that life will always be this way. We must be sure we build enough of our own skill that it becomes our security when the world changes overnight.  In short its a one player game life, and you have to be more than just a pawn.