The Geography of Your Experience

Have you sat down and looked at where you have been?  If not, do it now. Sit and think about where you worked and what you did, then put it down on a paper. Spread it out like a world map.  Every place you have worked there is a spotlight on. Everywhere else is blank.  The blank is the unknown. Some people will have a few spots and other will dot the landscape.  This information provides you with a list of skills and experiences. It gives you  the ability to compare and contrast them. With this map you can move beyond past work and add places you lived. You can also put down where you went to school.

The map can also be recreated to show you where you are losing time.  What did you do today and where did you do it. Draw it out, then do it again tomorrow.  After a week you will literally have a picture of what your week looked like.  If you want to break the routine add a new place to go on the map, set a date and time to be there then go. This Experience Map is yours.

If you make it, it is your life and it gives you the opportunity to become an explorer. You can “boldly go, where you have not gone before.” Go on a hike, go to an art gallery, get dinner at a completely unknown restaurant and jot it down.  If you want to up your game, take a notebook. Write about the positives and negatives of your experience and apply them to your career or business.  I think in time you will have several maps one of where you have been and another where you want to go.