The Money Fight

Tonight one of the biggest fights in combat sports history is going down.  Conor Mcgreggor v Floyd Mayweather, this crossover of MMA fight and boxing  is not only going to make a  crazy amount of money, but it is also going to support a lot of people. There will be people doing their jobs and some working to make a quick buck.  Bars across the globe will feature the fight on the big screen and some will make T-shirts to sell out of vans.

The clear thing to notice about this fight and these two fighters is money is not offensive.  Money, isn’t in the background and they’re not saying this is all about the love of the sport.  Everyone knows this fight is about money.  That is how they promoted it and everyone who pays for it is supporting it. Most events have to present you with a compelling reason to fork over the cash to go. But they have made this event so big that you want to.  You are not only glad to pay, but also glad for a reason to drive to Vegas.

The consistent and broad advertising and marketing for this fight is one for the history books.  There is a lot to learn, but I want to focus on one practical thing; did you bet on the right fighter?  Just kidding.

Who can you cross over with? Who can you partner with and create an event worth paying for?  What that means is if you, as the hot dog stand owner could partner with a taco stand owner, for a face of the venders. People would not only go for the smorgasbord, but also to root on their favorite vendor.  For as silly a challenge as that sounds, it is something people would go to because there isn’t a lot of fun easy going events like that around.

Now a face off is always a fun idea. If you could make a collaboration and with your powers combined, make an event that too would be awesome.  Think about why Comic Con in SLC works so well.  It brings cosplayers, nerds, and culturally famous people together and excitement and fandom ensue.  There is a collaboration of people bringing products, small events, and passion. Everyone who comes dressed helps create the event. The same goes for Body building competitions. Competitors, vendors and enthusiasts make the events worth going to.

What is your money belt? Who can you team up with? With your powers combine you can have the Marketing Power!