Connection is Required for Creation


There is always a pointing back to when a cultural movement happened. There are the moments when a small group started a band, taggers started to do more with graphite, B-boys and hip hop spread. Rock n roll spins off into punk rock, alternative, and hardcore, there was a small group and their fans.

The same goes for art the impressionists, they had their salons and artist group together. Even today, somewhere there is a group struggling to get their art out and a fan base waiting for them.  There are different markets for your product. Each product is your creation.  Most artists create for themselves. The pleasure in making alone is enough to pay for, look at all the paint parties.

Here is the missing point. From B-boys to emo kids to the rave kids and everyone who goes to burning man, they have the FUBU mentality. For Us, By Us.  They are in deep. Skateboard pros start their own T-shirt companies, they make their own boards they have a big enough following to sustain their company.

Hip hop artist, well, its the music industry and the cream that rises to the top connects with the most people.  If you are not connected to your audience, customer, or followers you won’t make something they think is cool.

This is the small divergence from focusing on service.  This is being so connected that when you go to paint, write, or sew; you know what would be cool because you are a part of the culture. You don’t need outside advisors you are free to express. There are utility products like vacuums that have a logical benefit, but then there are paintings of the Big Lebowski, you know someone would buy it because you would.

You cannot watch culture and believe that you get it. You cannot make a connection without passion for a noun; we connect through a person, place, or thing. So, find things you like, get excited about it, then dream, have the mantra “Wouldn’t it be cool if?” then go do it.

Once you have connected culturally you will have an easier time getting your art out. there.