Permission = They Let Me

Great headline right? It says it all from my perspective. I see a child looking at an adult and asking to go play with their friends. I see a little girl wanting to paint looking up as sweet as she can, “please may I get out my paint set?” I see a grown man asking for the day off so he can enjoy a vacation from work.  I see a woman presenting to the board her idea for a new company endeavor. I see people who are under the assumption that unless someone gives them permission to start they won’t.

As we begin the great work of introspection. We must understand that there are barriers that we have built in our own lives.  Think about the moral code someone has built to keep them from doing the wrong thing.  Like the mythological man of honor who would rather endure personal loss than to have turned his back on his moral code. We also have the same personal code of conduct. That code for some means they don’t drive one hour from home to work.   For some that means they don’t work on Sundays for someone else they don’t sell cigarettes or alcohol. For some artist it means they don’t paint nudes. These are things we have put in place that we have self imposed. Some of them have led us to limit our actions in life. We have taken away our own ability to move and take action freely. Yes, some moral lines are great to have and make you trust worthy. But, others actually hinder our ability to take action

Here is the deal.  I believe most people are waiting for permission in the sign of a thumbs up.  They are looking for life to be safe.  They don’t want to get cut down in the meadow like Bambi’s mom. They aren’t going to start that business until they know they will make a profit.  They aren’t going to show anyone their painting until they are in a gallery.  They aren’t going to talk about their novel until it’s written. They won’t take action because they don’t have situational permission. The coast isn’t clear. Life is still happening and situations are tossing them back and forth.  They are waiting for the right time.

Permission = They let me

Before I conclude, think over that equation. Some people live in that situation, they need permission to take action. But the things we most want to do, do not require someone else to give us the go ahead.  If you want to go back to school, do it.  If you want to start an online business, start. If you want to become a leader find a place to serve and let your passion lead you.  If you want to paint a 10×18 portrait of me well, do it I am, the selfie king 😉  There are plenty of pictures to choose from on Instagram.  There is a saying that has been around for years and it is worth listening to, “It is better to ask forgiveness, than permission.”  The simple reason is you did what you wanted to do. If what you want to do is helpful, guess what, there is no negative consequence.

So, like all the other gurus, motivational speakers, and writers out there, Go, you have permission to follow your dreams. You have permission to take a chance. You have permission to take a job in another state and live your life like an adventure. You have permission to be young again and believe that you can make a difference in the world. You have permission to enjoy today. You have permission not because I say so, but because you can act on your personal initiative and lead your life.

Postscript: Believe that once you have started you are good enough to navigate the road ahead.