Your Adventure


I don’t know how many people traveled through Utah over the weekend, but I am glad I am not a truck driver. The eclipse is drawing countless amounts of people to Idaho. They are camping out and waiting for a brief moment to experience something rare. A small market of eclipse glasses has popped up and people are paying not only for hotel and house rentals but also campsites. They are going out of their way to experience a rare occurrence. But the real product, the real experience won’t be in looking up to see the moon pass the sun.  The real experience will be in the journey there and back again.  That is the hero’s journey. Will the eclipse have a profound experience for them? I don’t think so, but it does show their character.  These people who are willing to travel to watch this are putting their hands up and saying I will go.  They are ready for an adventure. Not everyone is turned on enough by the eclipse to leave their homes and disrupt their lives and endure traffic to see it. As I said, seeing it is just the reason to go on a journey.  As a leader what is your quest?  What is getting you out to go on this adventure you call life?

It is that simple today.

What is going to get you out of your comfort zone? What is it that you are willing to adventure for?

Go ahead think about it, but don’t wait to act, most long adventures have some planning and preparing. But don’t wait. Waiting is the death of all adventure and adventurers spirit.