To Love is The Human Business


We are all searching for our own brand of happiness, our followers, customers, and families. Humanity has not been in the business of survival. No, as a parent, I get some (a lot) of happiness from seeing my kids happy. As a friend I get enjoyment out of my friends enjoyment and of course, as a husband, I get joy out of my wife’s happiness.  So, as an employer do you get joy out of your employees happiness, or success?  As a leader do you get joy out of helping those who follow you?  As a business owner or CEO do you get joy out of your customers being helped by your service?

Success can be defined this way.  We can say, “I feel successful when I am loving to my _______,” I know this by the happiness or joy they express.  We will know that by helping little Tim look cool for school, he can fit in and make friends. I imagine that is what it would be like to sell kids clothes. Or we can say when my follower posted on my wall how I inspired them to make a life change. When our products have made such a difference or even a convenience we can know we are being loving.  Business doesn’t only have to be a transaction of money for a product or service, it can be a labor of love. You stand with the opportunity to live a fuller life. A life using business or influence to expand love and make the world a better place.

Let’s face it.  The best businesses solve problems in a creative way, but they solve problems. We solve the problems of others and those who care the most will find out how to do it the best. Those who care the most, well, I think they might love the most. They go through the trouble of solving problems we didn’t even know we had. They go the extra mile just to make sure we aren’t bored. They take the time to know us. It is human to seek out each others best interest; some of us might have forgotten.