Social Media and Entertainment


WE want to connect, but don’t really want to connect

There is a love hate relationship with its consumers. I have had friends leave social media because they are tired of the drama, yet they are the same ones who share controversial memes and actively seek out arguments. They don’t share their lives and if they do, it is only the negative things that happen. Then they have this dramatic post and leave Facebook for a week or two.  I also have other friends who I forget are even on social media. They never post and never like, but always watching. They keep up-to-date with everyone, but never update everyone on how they are doing.

We fear being judged or not being able to defend ourselves

People don’t know how to share their lives. There is something wrong with the older generation of users.  They are mixed between the ones who used the messaging boards of the past and the ones who didn’t get the internet. The ones who didn’t get it still don’t, they use it as a platform to shout from.  They are afraid to share their thoughts and are unwilling to be open to change. When someone confronts them, they generally shut down and become watchers. They are not alone.  New users spring up all the time from every generation and are unsure of themselves so they become social media consumers. The promise of user generated content is slowly fading into the background to memes and decently made videos.

Social Media is more like art

People use your content to share their feelings and thoughts. You as a creator are becoming the voice of strangers. Content is art and like always, those who tell a story are those whose stories get told. More and more people go to social media to consume it.  We have always and will always do this. Oral stories passed down about a family member, books written about great heroes, radio broadcasts about the war and stories of the lone ranger, tv shows about people and their situations, video games that take you on an adventure, movies that give you a taste of glory, websites that make you laugh, Cell phones that keep you entertained, live streams of strangers trying to get your attention, and soon VR to give you the feeling that you actually went somewhere.  Social media is the only place where user’s are expected to participate and create, but they don’t.  They use your content, your painting, your words and share them as an expression of what they like and feel.

For a disjointed post I hope you get the point. People want two things from us 1) to be entertained 2) for that entertainment to express how they feel or think so they can share it.