Be an Explorer

If you’re in sales you might know who Grant Cardone is, if not you’re in for some intensity.  But he is not what I am writing about today.  In one of his books he talks about business, is being busy. His point is, even if it is not a direct money making activity you should be busy. He blows up all channels of social media and he suggests you do it. I digress. What I suggest is that you become busy hunting.  Look for leads, ideas, and anything that will bring excitement to your life.  If your job is boring, if your nightly at home routine is not what you want, if you are drowning in the routine of today. I say its time to become an explorer.

I am not suggesting you radically turn everything upside down.  What I am suggesting is that you take what time you have or make some time and map out what you know. Then pinpoint the edge of that and explore what you don’t know. It might be online or in an actual location.  What makes Disney Land amazing is that Walt had taken his kids to an amusement park and it was a let down in many ways.   It wasn’t a place for families. He caught a vision that he never would have had making movies. Our imagination and expectation can be radically changed if we change our barrings. Most of us want to maintain the status quo, but it is time we get out.

We don’t always have to leave the house sometimes it is exploring the World Wide Web. There are so many companies, small businesses, and individuals doing cool things. We miss them because they might not be in the view of our demographic or cultural radar. Another reason we will miss them is we are not on their radar.  Companies, writers, artist, have to actively promote to stay alive and you might not be their ideal customer. You have to go out of your way to find them and you never know which one will become your idea gold mine.

So, get outside or sit down at a computer with a notebook in hand and explore, take notes and ask fun questions.