Rules for Getting Attention


Blogs, they were supposed to be the big thing that was going to get your customers attention, you tried it and then stopped.

Facebook, was going to be your key to getting customers.

Twitter, yes Twitter will deliver get you attention.

Or Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, or whatever has come or whatever will come next.  The billboard, podcast, tv spot, radio, magazine print all shouting messages to your friends, family, customers, kids. We get this message that people have information overload.  That they are bombarded and have learned to tune out our attempts to get their attention. It might be true, but I don’t see all the Facebook ads, or Twitter, or Instagram promos.  But then there are times I do.  When a company actually has something I want to see. When a company delivers an ad or promotion that I want to see. And I want to see it for two reasons; first its entertaining, second its informing me about a problem I want to solve.

You want to do this. You want to get your customers attention. You want to get your message out there. But you have no idea how. You have an account on all the social media sites and lets face it you wouldn’t follow you. So, you get a book that tells you how. Someone else codified the secret to get followers and sales.  Just to clarify, I buy these books and enjoy them, I learn from them, good and bad. But you need to know you don’t have to buy any more how to books (I still would).  Advertising no matter what medium is grounded in creativity, truth, and enthusiasm. What that means is you get to let your imagination run wild as you think about how your product actually works in the life of your customer.  Tell that story in a fun and imaginative way, including the medium as a part of the message and boom; you can throw away the books.

You don’t have to buy this post hook, line, and sinker.

You can come up with reasons why you can’t be creative. But I will let you in on a secret I only wrote this post once and started it thirty minutes before I hit publish, I am winging it.  I know I will write another one tomorrow morning and that my current strategy is to have enough posts for you to come back to. I am building a library of thought. But, I don’t hold any of them precious. I read Seth Godin’s blog and read his books and what I am most left with is an impression, not action steps, and that is what I hope to leave with you.

Being visible is better than getting it right. Make your message consumable and you will eventually build the following. The rules for getting that attention are flexible.  But to succeed it won’t be convenient, you will have to work and get out of your comfort zone.  To answer the headline, there are no rules, most people who are succeeding are making them up as they go and then codifying it after the fact.

Go ahead, experiment, try, be bold and let the world know you have a solution to their problem.