Success is Never Convenient

Some things in life feel like they should be easy or just come natural.  For instance running, when we were kids running and playing physically was not only easy it, was awesome.  Now we have to force ourselves to run or do anything physical beyond what is mandatory.  Most people think the same thing goes with speeches, they can get in front of a mic and just talk.  They don’t understand that giving a speech takes not only time to craft the right words, but to also time to memorize it. That time in between knowing a goal and the goal, it’s self is what this post is about.

Let’s suppose you want to be the market leader, you want to lead a local political group, or you want to be an entrepreneur.  You first start with what you want to create. Then move to current reality. Your assets, your liabilities, your capabilities, and finally, what threatens to shut down your business. If you want, you could write down every obstacle, but that would just supply you with a list of why you couldn’t succeed if you decided to give up before you started. On top of that more things will go wrong that you did not count on. The only reason to write down obstacles is to ensure you have a back up plan just in case it rains. For instance, having an emergency fund, keeping a box of band aids, or learning self-defense.  The space between your goal and your reality is going to be full of challenges. Some for seen and some out of the blue. The obstacle not accounted for is the sacrifice of time.

What most people don’t realize about success is that it is inconvenient.  You might want to have a fun night with the family, but instead you have to write an email to potential clients, or you have to memorize facts and answers before you give a speech on why people should vote for you.  You promised the client that you would have the blueprints ready Wednsday morning and you are up Tuesday night still hammering out details. Your sales goals require you to actually leave the office and drive to a potential clients office unannounced,instead of going to lunch with the guys, or you are searching the internet for hours to find the right image.  Late nights, borrowed creativity, and no time are  the stuff inconvenient success is made of.

What we need to understand and just accept; is to achieve what we want we will have to get uncomfortable and do what we have never done before, and that comes at the cost of easy.

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