Art is Business


There is this dirty secret in the art world.  Some people are now actively addressing it; the secret that All Art is all business.  Art only has value in a capitalistic society, it can be exchanged for money, which means the artist gets to do what she loves.  Only in a free market can you have someone sell a painting for millions of dollars.  Only in a free market system can someone use their creativity to earn a living.  Only in a system like our’s can someone decide to pursue a writing career. We have musicians that go on tour and sell music, posters, clothing, and who knows what other kind of memorabilia. Art in America has a place as a real business.  Because art connects us.

Your business, no matter how mundane needs art.  It needs to connect with your customer, in todays world.  Art is the tangible expression of emotion.  So, if you have to write copy you don’t want to just say; “We are having a sale,” instead you might want to say “We appreciate you so much, that we are going to lower prices for a limited time, just so you can get your widget today.” Sales get bargain hunters attention, lower prices gets the attention of those who will shop around in your store. The connection is in the words and the words are not a science but an art. The science is in the up sell.  The science is in the business operations.  And all of science is experimentation and subject to change.

Alright, lets get down to it. Your business needs to connect with customers or would be customers on an emotional level. They need to not only feel the pain that they have but also find the relief that you bring. Artist do this.  They make homes beautiful, they give expression to emotions in a visible way.  They entertain and engage our lives. They tell us stories of how life is, or how it should be, even how it could be.  Artist are in the business of connecting our lifestyle to products.  Reggae is distinct and yet it’s art and style are the same.  Western art is the same, paintings of the wide open, saddles, and horses.  But using art has to make sense don’t be the cowboy plumbers.  But be the plumbers who work on the most luxurious homes.  Be the plumbers that major businesses want to connect with. Be the expression of your customers’ lifestyle, not the theme of a genre. All art is business, how is your business art?

Side note: Artist must engage in business to buy supplies.  Even if they want to give it away, they have to provide for others to enjoy their art.

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