Being Seen


The average company uses social media as a broadcasting network for its advertisement. So does the average user. We shout out our comments, posts, and pictures hoping someone will hear it.  We sit in our corner and hope that someone will engage with our content. We hope they like our posts, we hope we are clever enough to get someone to like us.  We…

That is the thing isn’t it. Most of us don’t like to engage with strangers, especially if we cannot use our innate  abilities.  We drown in our own self-conscious disbelief. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a company starting out, nobody really cares. Except you. It’s okay because what you are going to get is the slow build.  One by one you will find your tribe and develop an authentic voice. One by one you will move out of your corner and become part of the crowded conversation. Eventually you will notice someone else in the corner that you used to occupy and it’s up to you to extend the helping hand.

The point of this post isn’t about shouting into the media landscape is wrong.  It’s don’t quit on getting your voice out there.  Be okay with no one noticing you, be okay that you wrote all this great content, made so many funny videos, interviewed so many cool people for your podcast, followed and followed back thousands of people on twitter and still no one cares about the last piece of content you created.  There is a reason.  You may be creating things that only you care about and there are no connections to others.  To move out of the shouting and into engaging and getting attention is harder than just creating.  We have to listen, we have to make first contact, we have to search. Eventually we will learn to create content that moves others to say, I want more, I want to be apart of what is going on here, I want to follow.

Lead Utah is in the corner right now. We are watching the landscape locally, and thanks to the internet, globally.  Our message is slowly building and we are using patience as we make our way in the wild west of todays media saturated times.