Solving Problems


“We get paid in proportion to the problem we solve.” Unknown


It’s Friday and for most people it is quitting time. Their job is done. If you are reading this you are not like most people. You are not limited by the designated work set for you by someone else. You have your own ambitions. They may be to become CEO of your company, or start your own business, or become a freelance writer or illustrator. It doesn’t matter which. What matters is you recognize that you must fulfill a need.  You have to be the solution or create a solution for other people. Everyone is a business they just don’t see it. The janitor sells his service to the school.  The CEO sells her service to the company as the leader of the ship. Facebook solved the problem of people losing touch in order to solve the problem of advertisers not being able to reach their target market. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the hard questions and then act with confidence. Who is your target market? How will you reach out to them? What are three problems you could solve for them? Pick the one that you can solve and help them. One more thing to think about.  People will pay a higher price for a better solution to their problem, if they believe the problem will be solved.

Entrepreneur: Someone who solves a problem at a profit.