Why Your Business Sucks at Marketing


Advertising, marketing, and branding are tools for sales.  They are the communication that introduces products and businesses to the market. They are the creative ways we get in front of customers to let them know we are here for them. They are the promise we keep when we do business. We use them to make sales; to draw a customer in.  It is simple, they blow the horn and march before us letting the world know not only are we here but we are going to save the day. So, why do businesses suck at this?

Most business websites have blogs that have two posts from two years ago. They have social media accounts that are generic or disconnected from what they do.  They haven’t pointed their Facebook ads to the right demographic. They ignore their display window to the world; their online presence.  Why they do, it doesn’t matter. My assumption is they are busy, doing the work, making cold calls, and bogged down with getting through the day. They are like the parent too busy keeping the house clean to enjoy their toddler.  They want to spend time marketing and advertising, but they are busy and believe the generic stuff is working just fine.

That’s fine if you’re satisfied with business as usual, cool!  In five years or less there will be some kid with a phone dominating your industry and that person will take the lead.  You will wonder where the customers went, and why your response rate keeps dropping. The solution isn’t easy, okay, it is easy. You do what Gary Vaynerchuk does; you document.  The blog becomes what your thoughts on business and the industry are. You could even write about where you think it’s headed. Your social media isn’t a set up photo shoot, but a behind the scenes look. It’s taking ten minutes of the day and capturing something ordinary but good.  From there you look at the response you get and then design your ads to the audience you have. If you do it right and those ads connect, then you spread them to the uninitiated.  To accomplish all of that it, requires a daily commitment.

With that being said. As you can see this is a fresh website with not much to see.  What I am doing is building the promise, the brand slowly. I am feeling out what our voice is and who is listening and whose attention do we want. As time goes on you will see the social media side get bigger and the blog format change. Audio and video will come and so will real interaction. For instance, if you follow on Facebook there are some postscript thoughts.  Here is the secret: the reason people follow you is because they are interested in you, don’t be afraid to use the tools available to tell your story. Figuring out how your company can best use these tools to get your message out about your business is up to you, but it should never be neglected.