It Is Always About You

Have you watched Founder yet? It’s about Ray Kroc and the rise of McDonalds.  It’s about Ray Kroc and what he did to make McDonalds what it is today.  Instead of going on about other biographical movies and books about people who made a big difference in the world; lets narrow down to you, you as the leader.  Leadership is about the actions a person takes to ensure their vision comes to fruition. Leadership is about the person taking the action to be the kind of person who takes action in the face of adversity and sets the example for others to follow.  Leadership isn’t about being a good follower first.  Leadership is about being.

There are thousands of books on blogs and leadership, and being a leader. From what I have seen non of the conferences or books replace the actions and drive of a determined human being. I believe they are great supplements and tools, but if the person is not determined and ambitious it is like taking steroids without working out; a waste of time and money.  It comes down to you.  If you want to lead, you must have a vision, a calling that is pulling you beyond the edge of comfort. As the leader you will be the sacrifice for the vision. You don’t get to be normal, you don’t get to be laid back, you are the avant-guard.

Leaders must follow the vision, even if they are the only ones to go. It’s like any business or creative endeavor, you always start out alone in front of a crowd of passer byes. Then one stops and takes an interest, then another, then another, then one gives, then another and before you know it someone will try and steer you clear of your vision. Someone will try and “keep you safe” from the edge of discomfort. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.  Because first you have to go through it.  First, you must have a vision of a better life. So, go out and get a vision, and if you can’t find one of your very own, help someone achieve theirs.  You never know their vision might actually be your calling.