Creativity Cannibalizes Practicality

The practical always loses to the creative.  Let me rephrase that, the practical always gets cannibalized by the creative.  It doesn’t matter what industry, someone will have a practical idea to solve a problem and then someone else will see how they solved it then do the same thing but with more creativity.

Creativity vs practicality in most cases has more to do with the aesthetic than with the means of the solution.  The reason being after the problem is solved the solution must fit the lifestyle of the user.  That is where aesthetics come in.  My wife and I walked through the parade of homes this summer and it is the prime example of this.  The first home was simply decorated with plenty of room for a new home buyer to imagine living in. Then it leveled up; bigger and better.  Each home in a location with a view, unique and personal.  They customized the decor to suit the lifestyle of the would be owner.  Each house had the same purpose, but the more creativity they became the price went up.  The first house seemed, okay. The last house well, it was a getaway that you could live in and would want to throw parties in.

The same holds true for cars, dining utensils, and the coffee mug I am drinking out of. The question you have to continually ask is what does my product look like if it belong to a specific customer base; then make it beautiful.