Nothing To See Here


Do you know your audience?  Does images and videos matter to them?  Do you know who Seth Godin is? If you are reading this you might.  Do you know who Tom Peters is? Off the top of my head the contrast of their websites and messaging sticks out.  In The Pursuit of Wow Tom Peters writes in the future of a distracted audience that need massive input of images and words.   Then there is Purple Cow by Seth Godin, its just a regular book written for readers.  Both of these men inspire me and push the individual agenda and corporations to be and do better.  They both have been writing about a future that is here and is still coming.  But I want to focus on Seth not because he is better, but because he has the reputation of posting every single day.   He has also said in many interviews that he is not in the expansion of his audience, but in delivering them more products/value. If you read his blog its just like this one, no image just words.  He isn’t trying to get the attention of people who need images to get the message.  He writes and people like me appreciate the text.  We don’t need the images and videos. If you follow him you will have noticed he is doing live videos on Facebook, but his blog remains the same, just text.  So, my question for you is do you know your audience?  Are you doing things they don’t care about?  Do you feel pressure to make infographics, videos, Inspirational pictures, long blog posts, short blog posts?

So, does your audience want to be entertained over informed? Does your audience want a deep dive into your offerings or just a brief description of what you can do for them?  Does your audience follow a personality in your industry or the trends? Does your audience even exist yet? If they don’t, are you doing the work to get their attention?