Lead Utah

What are you doing to promote yourself, your business, or your industry?  Are you trying to use social media to get attention? Are you using traditional advertising? Are you using direct mail? Are you going out to networking events and handing out business cards? Are you building a “brand”? Are you hoping that it all works out?

I will tell you what we are starting to do.  But let’s start with why. Lead Utah was conceived to promote Nino Olson as a thought leader and someone you and industry leaders would like to work with, talk to, and envision a better future with.  Lead Utah’s aim will be on leadership, marketing, and creativity.  Those activities are what lights us up.  So, the simplest game plan is in play right now.  Long form writing and messaging will be here on the website.  Short messaging, quick updates, and attention seeking activities will be on social.  The aim on social will be infotainment, The push on the site will be for those who want more.  It will be like a disjointed book with mixed chapters.  Think Rework. 

So, what is next?  Just like your business, we need others. This is our third day online and we are off to a slow start.  Which is fine, we would rather stumble in obscurity before we shine on the mountain top. As we begin our climb we are going to be publishing and exploring the great world of business in Utah.

Oh, why Utah you might ask, grow where you’re planted is my simple answer.